Wrap up 2013

Posted on December 31, 2013

Dear Friends of GLEN,

Another year is behind us, let’s celebrate it with a quick retrospection on 2013 as well as a teaser for 2014! Wish you a visionary and wonderful New Year!


1. Visual harvest in Poland

…with two outstanding videos, the contribution of Glennies from the 2012 and the 2013 cycles.

Piotr Chmilewski finished works on a short animation movie, Kuku na fox, which is the result of a series of workshops held in Nairobi, Kenya by host organisation MYSA (Mathare Youth Sport Association). Disadvantaged youth from Mathare and Eastleigh were asked to animate a popular local folk tale, letting them express their own culture and priding in compiling something together. Piotr has had plans to continue making animation movies in several countries, including Columbia, Poland, Romania and France, and activate disadvantaged groups like prisoners, immigrants, refugees, seniors.
You can view the video here. Authors: Emmanuel Oketch, Lucy Wanjiru Wamboi, Amos Muli, Charles Nyamumbo, Felix Momanyi, Aden Mohamed Gedi, Hadija Veta, Piotr Chmielewski Music: Wojtek Urbański

A team of Glennies produced another great film during their internships called “What kind of world would you like to live in?”. We hear people from 15 countries sharing their vision of the world. The film was used during workshops with Polish pupils in Toruń during the Global Education Week. Participants of the workshop created their answers to visions presented in the movie and expressed their views on the topic “What can people do to make the world a better place?”. The film is available here.

We encourage everyone to join the project and create a movie with his/her own vision of the world. Project was coordinated by Krzysztof Wiatr, Friederike Seitz, Dennis Michels, Andrea Buermann and Piotr Szmyt. Movie was edited by Anna Sabala.

The Project was co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The publication expresses exclusively the views of the author and cannot be identified with the official stance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The film “What kind of world would you like to live in?” is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Poland. Certain rights reserved to the Polish Humanitarian Action. Piece was a part of the Polish development cooperation implemented through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2013. Permission is granted to use any of the work, providing the above information, including information about used licences, the rights holders and the Polish program of development cooperation.

Written by Lukasz Bartosik, national coordinator, Poland

Want to see more videos? Watch this great summary of the three Global Education Activity award winners of the previous cycle from the RENew Seminar in March 2013. Video produced by the RENew Core Team

2. The visionary process and the seminar


We are almost half way through the so called “vision process”, launched in October 2013 with the ambitious goal to review the vision and the mission framework of GLEN. The milestone event of this process was undoubtedly the Visionary and networking seminar in Tynec, Czech Republic, that took place between 27th November and 1st December 2013, where 54 participants from 15 countries representing all stakeholder groups put their heads and hearts together and drew a picture of the future. We had three special guests, Harm-Jan Fricke (UK), Hélène Debaisieux (BE) and Inka Pibilova (CZ) who broadened our horizons and shared their perspectives on this complex endeavour, dedicated multiple days to engage in the seminar, which we are truly thankful for. We are also grateful to have had three host partner representatives, Stephen Granger (SA), Nino Kodua (GE) and Mammo Bulbo (ET), who not only contributed with their valuable thoughts but also with their enthusiasm and passion for GLEN. The intense discussions on the workshops gave us better understanding of the European and the global dimensions as well as a new partnership and organisational network model, to mention only two.

A task force was set up to take away the essence of our messages and build a draft visionary document. This draft will be open for comments for all from 18th January till 16th February 2014. Have your say and formulate GLEN’s future, join the online discussion mid January!

You can find more details on the vision process and the online discussion here.

3. Cycling Alternatives: NEOlution

Forum of Global Education Multipliers
The forum of global education multipliers is a non-profit organization in the field of global learning. It is meant to be a platform to create and organize projects in different political fields such as sustainability, commons and alternative economy. Its focus is on the training of multipliers in global education. The forum of global education multipliers is part of the GLEN network and gives people the opportunity to remain active in the network after the training- cycles of GLEN, in which they received support and advice about how to implement and run new projects. The Forum was founded in 2011 and one of the biggest projects was the Sailing for Sustainability, in which 96 young Europeans sailed the Baltic Sea for more than a month to raise awareness on ecological topics. The Forum is also involved in a cycling project planned for 2014 and is open for everybody: if you want to get more information please contact us: forum-gem [at] freenet.de

Cycling Alternatives: NEOlution
The bicycle project “Cycling Alternatives”, which took place for the first time in summer 2013, cycles on! Similar to the ride from Berlin to Warsaw in July 2013, when we held a rolling seminar as a “moving village” and visited communities working with alternative economic systems on the way, we will cycle Trans-European in 2014 too. In November the second preparation meeting took place, and now the frame is set: this time we will cycle a star ride! Three tours will move at the same time towards the same meeting place near Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic – to meet up there from 13th-17th of August for a festival and to exchange experiences. The tours have different foci within a shared theoretical frame. There will be a tour on permaculture, a tour on degrowth and a tour on self-organisation, which together make up the Cycling Alternatives * NEOlution. Thereby “NEO” refers to the foci of Nature, Economy and Organisation. The theoretical frame for the project refers to the concept of alienation. We understand the three tours as looking for possible answers to an alienated life. We will visit places, initiatives and people that practise alternatives here and now. We would like to support, connect and learn from them, cause we think, another world is possible!

If you are interested in the project…
visit our blog
sign up for our mailing list
or write an email to: cyclingalternatives [at] gmail.com

Written by Sebastian Drewlo and Cycling Alternatives

4. Slovakia: momentum and progress

In October GLEN Slovakia had a very nice event in Bratislava, in the Old Market. The Slovak NGDO Platform organized the traditional Development Day to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Platform and SlovakAid.

All our former GLENnies took part in some of the sessions – Janka and Gabriel were cooking traditional food with a famous Czecho-Slovak chef and talking about our IDP promotion program in Georgia. Monika, Vlasta and Marta took part in the unique development job fair and we also provided interviews for the Slovak radios and TVs (state and private). Mirka (also part of the Pontis Foundation) assisted in presenting our new offer of the GLEN MTC 2014. Andrej Navojsky and Darina Manurova also took part there, e.g. Darina was cooking Kenyan food. You can find a lot of photos from the event here.

Besides, GLEN Slovakia is part of a unique public collection and campaign launched and coordinated by the Slovak NGDO Platform. Thanks to that, we will support our ongoing project in Georgia where our volunteer Katka Karcolova is currently conducting volunteer work until February 2014. The collection has been widely promoted also during the Development Day and in Bratislava public transportation vehicles as well. You can find the visual of our campaign here. Do you like the Slovak and Kenyan giraffes?

Written by Tigran Aleksanyan, national coordinator, Slovakia

5. Visions from around the globe


The collection of vision statements from all stakeholders marked the beginning of GLEN’s “vision process” launched in October 2013. We have received wonderful messages from all around the world, from member organisations, host partners, participants and European partners about a possible common vision for GLEN and global education. You can read them all here!

Thank you all for your contributions!

6. What’s coming up in 2014?


The RENew seminar (19 – 23 March 2014) is the closure event of the Multipliers’ Training Cycle, where Glennies meet again, months after their internships in Africa or Asia. The seminar is many things in one event but the word itself stands for review, engage and network. This year GLEN Slovakia hosts participants in Radava, an hour away from Bratislava, in a region rich in thermal water. The organising team has already visited the venue mid December and made proper planning to prepare a great seminar with the lead of Miša Krenčeyová.

The unfortunate fold of events in West Africa triggered security warnings from a number of European Foreign Affairs ministries that also affected the internship structure of the next cycle. Sadly, we are not able to send participants to some of our long term partners in the region in 2014.

GLEN will be 10 years old in 2014! Although the initial steps of the Network were made in 2003, the first year of GLEN as functioning program was 2004. It’s been an amazing decade, we have trained over one thousand multipliers, organised ca. 40 seminars and gave life to many hundreds of global education actions. We have made great development in concept and ideas but remained consistent to our core values!

After the vivid online discussion (see above in “Vision process”) in January and February 2014, the RENew Seminar will mark the end of GLEN’s six-month effort to revisit its vision framework. A difficult job enough though it might be considered a light one compare to the consequential “strategy process” that aims to break down the vision into smaller steps: strategies, responsibilities and tasks.

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