What a privilege to cross borders

Posted on February 24, 2016

In mid-November, the annual meeting of GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans: www.glen-europe.org) took place in Celje, Slovenia. Even the thought of “jetting off” to Slovenia for four days and thoughtlessly crossing borders made us feel extremely uneasy, due to our knowledge of the catastrophic conditions for refugees on the so-called Balkan Route. Moreover, we met as members of a global learning network, the key issues of which were our personal involvement in global connections and global justice. It was an absurd idea to cast the current situation aside at such a meeting.

Because of this, we teamed up to form a group of seven participants from Germany, in order to contribute to solidarity and an open Europe, through various campaigns. Our aims were to directly support people on the Balkan Route, to raise awareness of the privilege of freedom of movement for European citizens, and also to initiate a discussion and possible further action within the GLEN network. This resulted in a variety of activities, moments of self-doubt, and learning experiences, which we would like to share with you.

You can find our full report on this Global education Activity here.


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