Visionary and Networking Seminar

What is it about?

On the Visionary and Networking Seminar we will altogether work intensively on core questions around GLEN: „What´s the vision of GLEN?“, “What is GLEN needed for?“, „Which theory of change is leading our work?“ “Which values guide us?“, “What should be the role of GLEN in Europe?”. Participants of the Visionary and Networking seminar will get in a deep exchange, get inspired by external inputs and different internal perspectives and have a huge impact on the new vision of GLEN!

The Seminar will be divided in sessions exclusively on developing the new vision, networking moments in creative and innovative sessions and input from guest speakers. It will also be a great place to meet old and new Glennies and have a good time together!

The Lead facilitators of the Visionary and Networking Seminar are Hanka Krejsova and Caspar Klein. They will work in close cooperation with Dominique Pannke, who will facilitate the specific sessions on the vision.

We are looking forward to welcoming Harm-Jan Fricke (consultant in GE), Inka Pibilova (evaluator in GE and development) and Hélène Debaisieux (DEEEP communication officer) as guest speakers, who will share their experience and views on current Development Education in Europe and globally and the approach used in their organisations to tackle challenges GLEN faces as well.

Who will participate?

The Visionary and Networking Seminar is the unique opportunity for ALL interested former GLEN participants, team members, active Global Education multipliers of other projects, the Forum of Global Education Multipliers, the Association GeCo as well as all the Member Organisations of GLEN and other interested actors and partners at European and global level to meet, network, shape together the vision they want GLEN and Global Education to have in the future!

Date and Place

The Visionary and Networking Seminar will take place from Wednesday 27th November 6:00 pm until Sunday 1st December 12:00 am, in Tynec nad Sázavou, Czech Republic. The address of the seminar house is:

Hotel Tynec,
Klusackova 2257/41,
Tynecnad Sazavou

How to get there

From Prague there is a regular train connection to Tynec nad Sazavou (ca. 1 hour ride). You can find the train schedule here: (check lower right corner for English).

The best option is to take the train Prague Hlavni nadrazi (16:00) – Tynec Train station (17:21) or you can take the bus from the bus station at Budejovicka (metro line B) 15:20/15:50 – Tynec Bus station 16:28/16:58

From the train station, walk only 10 minutes to the seminar house.

Here’s a map of Tynec nad Sazavou (download)



The Visionary and Networking Seminar will be financed in the first place through the Youth in Action programme. There is a limited number of places therefore hurry up to get on board!

All participants will get their accommodation and board fully financed, as well as 70% of their travel costs reimbursed (cheapest option: bus, train or airplane), on the basis of their original tickets (to be sent right after the seminar) with the conditions that (1) they stay for the whole duration of the seminar, (2) they travel from and to the country of origin (Youth in Action requirements).

All in all, there are places for 60 people on the Seminar. That is why we have set up criteria for participating in the seminar in order to decide on who can participate:

Please do not book your ticket to the event until we confirm your participation.

How to apply?

This application was closed on 24th October 2013. Thank you for your interest!


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


GLEN’s vision process is co-supported by the GLEN member organisations.

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