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About global education

GLEN sensitizes young Europeans for the major problems the thinking in stereotypes and dogmas of the rest of the world is causing. We believe that all nations depend on each other and a better world starts with a change of how we see each other. Therefore we are promoting the values of equality and solidarity, among many others. We encourage our participants to think critically about what they see, hear, read and enable them to act with their global responsibility in their mind in everyday life. That is what we call „global education” in GLEN.

The vision process
GLEN initiated a so called “vision process” to work on the aims, structure and activities of its global education programme.

This is an open, transparent and participatory process with lots of activities (main steps): a seminar, online discussions and task force meetings and a time span of six months between October 2013 and March 2014.

We would like to invite you to share your view through the below form. We are eager to hear your ideas and suggestions and in case you are interested to get more connected, please read on after the form.

Why a new GLEN vision? (click here)

GLEN has an inspiring (almost) ten years behind it, with major developments in structure, content and methodology. The people and organisation also changed, cooperations evolved, new topics and trends came up. Down the road this far, we grew smarter in understanding the different interests and objectives of GLEN actors and are eager to address them. Discussions on various meetings in the recent years have revealed the following key topics to address:

  • The global dimension and the European context
  • The role of host partners
  • The goals with Global Education
  • The target groups
  • Power structures and cooperation
  • Decision making and representation

You can find more information of former discussions here.


The role of the host organisations in the programme and the GLEN network is among one of the questions and we would very much appreciate to know how you think of it. What is the best interest of your organisation when taking part in GLEN and how can we serve that better.

We would like to invite you to share your view through the below form. We are eager to hear your ideas and suggestions and in case you are interested to get more connected, please read “Main steps: possibilities to stay involved” further below.

Please fill in the form

Note: if you encounter any technical problems while submitting your message through this form, please send your answers to Thank you!

You can see the ideas, suggestions and statements of other GLEN stakeholders here.

Who is involved? (click here)

Numerous organisations and individuals that have or have had a link with GLEN currently or in the last 10 years: current and former GLEN participants (multipliers) and the attached organized structures (Forum of Global Education Multipliers, Association GeCo), global education campaign and action participants, current and former team members, member organisations, host partners globally, European partners and global education NGO/platform representatives.

Let’s share all our ideas and perspectives, this is the key to a successful result.


Main steps: possibilities to stay involved (click here)

The main activities in this process will take place from October 2013 to March 2014, including the following steps:

  • Please share your ideas and suggestions for your vision on GLEN and/or global education in Europe. They will be used as an inspiration and encouragement for the further process. If you agree, we will display them on the website and on the Visionary and Networking seminar. Enter it in the form above.
  • The Visionary and Networking Seminar (Czech Rep., 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2013) is where we work intensively on the open questions mentioned above as well as the vision of GLEN and the vision of global education in Europe. Besides all stakeholders represented, we will have keynote speakers to bring us the latest insight on global education in the European and global arena. If you are interested to take part on the seminar, our financial possibilities allow us to invite two people, please apply here. In case you can cover your own travel and visa cost, please use the same link (form) to apply and indicate that in the text.
  • Dec 2013: The results of the seminar will be summarized in a draft document by a self-nominated task force. You can be part of this inspiring group consisting of representatives of all stakeholders of GLEN if you attend the seminar.
  • Jan-Feb 2014: Everyone can take part in the online discussion on the first draft of the GLEN vision. Please give us your feedback on the draft and discuss GLEN controversies. Feedback will be reviewed and built in the vision by the task force.
  • March 2014: The final document will be introduced at the RENew Seminar on 19-24 March 2014!


Expected results (click here)

In the end of the vision process, there will be a written statement on the new GLEN vision.

This document is going to serve as a basis of the collective identity of GLEN as well as a guiding document to be translated into operational tasks when formulating the new strategy.

We are hopeful that the vision process will give us answers to the questions:

  • „what do we stand for?“
  • „what do we want to achieve together?“ and
  • „which principles and methods guide our activities?“

and helps us to:

  • increase clarity and common understanding of the identity of GLEN for all stakeholders
  • improve the cooperation of GLEN actors, sharing a common vision for GLEN
  • to set an inspiring vision of a global education programme in Europe
  • serve as a solid basis for the development of strategies
  • orientates for the involvement of all stakeholders to set priorities

Final document

We’ll produce a so called “vision document” as a closing act of this process to put down the results on paper. The final document however is not a statement for public relations. It is a longer running text which requires interested readers. Target groups are stakeholders and close partners of GLEN and it describes the status quo of the network but also tops it with targeted improvements.

Here’s how we think it will look like (suggested content):

  • Preface: historical overview (“Where does GLEN come from”?), basic structure, previous activities (“What has GLEN achieved so far?”)
  • Our inspiring vision
  • The mission of GLEN (“How to take steps towards the vision?”)
  • Our guiding set of common values
  • Goals (“What are the tangible goals of GLEN?”)
  • Principles of the operative work (e.g. “self-reflection”, “participation”,…)
  • Most important methods and fields of operation (e.g. MTC)


The vision process will be coordinated by Dominique Pannke. She works as freelance consultant, mediator and facilitator. If you have any questions on the process, please don´t hesitate to contact her directly:

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

GLEN’s vision process is co-supported by the GLEN member organisations.

Thumbnail picture on the top of the page is a drawing of GLEN participant Simone Orgel on the RENew Seminar 2013, photo done by Marine Caron.

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