Visionary and Networking Seminar

Posted on December 20, 2013

We are almost half way through the so called “vision process”, launched in October 2013 with the ambitious goal to review the vision and the mission framework of GLEN. The milestone event of this process was undoubtedly the Visionary and Networking Seminar in Tynec, Czech Republic that took place between 27th November and 1st December 2013.  54 participants from 15 countries representing all stakeholder groups put their heads and hearts together and draw a picture of the future.

We had three special guests, Harm-Jan Fricke (UK), Hélène Debaisieux (BE) and Inka Pibilova (CZ) who broadened our horizons and shared their perspectives on this complex endeavour, dedicated multiple days to engage in the seminar, which we are truly thankful for. We are also grateful to have had three host partner representatives, Stephen Granger (SA), Nino Kodua (GE) and Mammo Bulbo (ET), who not only contributed with their valuable thoughts but also with their enthusiasm and passion for GLEN. The intense discussions on the workshops gave us better understanding of the European and the global dimensions of the programme as well as a new partnership and organisational network model was developed, to mention only two.

A task force was set up to take away the essence of our messages and build a draft visionary document out of them. This draft will be open for comments for all from 17th January till 16th February 2014. Have your say and formulate GLEN’s future, join the online discussion from 17th January 2014!

You can find more details on the seminar content and the vision process here.

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