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Posted on April 20, 2015

Dear GLEN Friends,

We reached a point in time in the „strategy process” when we found some answers to the open questions about GLEN’s future. We gathered the documents and also prepared two videos for you, explaining why and how we got here.

Great discussions, critical reflections and common activities: these are things that holds us all together as GLEN community. We know it is a lot easier and better to talk in person on a seminar but it’s not possible to organise a meeting each step of the way. We therefore looked for an easy-to-use tool to create online space for you to discuss important topics. Please take a moment and have your say in GLEN’s future. Shake it and shape it, remember? The so called „online discussion” takes one month between 1st April and 1st May. Here’s a teaser about the topics:

We currently have two pilots „models” to involve host partners (where you spent your internship) more in the life of GLEN and form a Global Partner Network. Which one would you choose?

Should GLENnies take part in decision making in GLEN? How can we organise proper representation and responsibilities?

Should we reform the training cycle? What is the structure that serves us the best? What are the consequences of being more inclusive in selecting participants?

Where do sustainability dimensions of GLEN compete with each other?

Online discussion:

Wait a second for the page to load properly. Log in/sign in with any email address or via Facebook/Gmail. If you run into any technical difficulties, write to Andras (

Two videos explaining the results: GLEN youtube channel

Strategy documents (Google Drive docs):

“Global partner network”,
“Multipliers’ involvement”,
“Multipliers’ Training Cycle, target group, educational approach”.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dominique (

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