RENew Seminar 2017

Posted on December 1, 2016

RENew stands for – “Seminar for Review, Engagement and Networking”. All returned GLEN participants meet again in order to evaluate the learning cycle, fill up the batteries with GLENergy as well as plan future projects.

It is a mandatory part of the GLEN MTC.


March 15-19 2017

Arrival: Before dinner (18:00) on March 15.

Departure: After lunch (13:00) on March 19.


March 15-17 2017

Arrival: Before dinner (18.00) on March 15.

Departure: After lunch (13.00) on March 17.


Program to download

Registration - Participation Confirmation – February 1

We would need a confirmation of your participation. Please complete the online registration no later than February 1. Link to RENew registration.


The RENew Seminar will be held in Pezinok, Slovakia in Hotel Rozálka –

Getting there

You can get to Pezinok easily from Bratislava either by train that goes at least once per hour or by buses that leave more often.

The train ticket from Bratislava costs 1.02 EUR, the bus is around 2 EUR. We would recommend traveling by train as it takes between 15-23 minutes from Bratislava, while the bus takes 45 minutes. You can find the potential schedules on website called: - it also has an English and German version, so I think you will find your way around quickly.

Please notice. For buses look for – “Bratislava,, AS”. For trains look for  -  ”Bratislava”

As Pezinok is a small town, the ppts can walk to the RENew venue – it should take them around 20-25 minutes to walk there from the train station/Pezinok námestie bus stop. There are some limited buses (twice per hour), which brings you about 2 km of the way.

You can buy the train tickets at the train station (or alternatively on the internet), and for the buses you ask the driver for them, as the charge is calculated depending on how many kilometres you go.

Taxi: There is a non stop taxi service there operated by one person. You can get from the bus/train station to the hotel by paying 4 EUR/car and the driver can issue an invoice, if four people take it, it will cost 1 EUR/person. The same applies to the way back.

It is also possible to book a taxi from the Bratislava aiport/main train or bus station to the hotel or vice versa, it will cost 20-25 EUR according to the traffic. Mobile number of the driver: +421 905 426 242.

Please notice that ASA will not reimburse costs for the taxi.

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs will be reimbursed differently from country to country, depending on the conditions of your national GLEN member organization. Please note that in many cases you will get your travel reimbursed to a maximum amount, covering a part of your travel costs. All other costs on the seminars are of course fully covered. That is why we advice you to buy your tickets soon, to keep the travel costs low.

Important note: Everybody who gets her_his travel cost reimbursed via ASA please keep all the original tickets of your travel and have a look at the Travel Expense Claim Form.

Travel reimbursement amounts.

As you know, flight travels should be avoided and imply a special procedure with the ASA office, which is being simplified. So, if you can’t avoid traveling by flight to the RENew, please make sure that the price is cheaper than the train. Please print a comparative calculation to the most favorable rail prices, submitted for the same distance, and keep it, it will be needed for the reimbursement! If the flight is not cheaper than the train, then please contact Lars at the ASA office (lars.poignant@engagement- for approval (with justifications).

Travelling – GLEN Mobility Group

Please consider sustainable means of transportation when planning your trip. You may want to know that there is a “GLEN Mobility Group“.


The RENew is a vegetarian event. For Special diets, please indicate this on the registration form.

Contact for questions

For questions about attendance and travel arrangements, please contact your national GLEN coordinator.


We certainly look forward to seeing you in Pezinok in March.



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