Sailing for Sustainability

In 2012 GLEN set sail on the Baltic Sea!



Project Description

The Forum of Global Education Multipliers has initiated a European-wide global education activity on sustainability. In summer 2012 we are going to catch up on Rio+20 (United Nation Conference on sustainable development) and organize four one-week seminars on the sailing ship ‘LOVIS’ focussing on the broad topic sustainability. The project will be realised in cooperation with B.Ö.E. e.V., ASA and GLEN.


The idea for “Sailing for Sustainability” came up in the beginning of 2011 and was conceptually developed during the GLEN RENew in 2011. A core team of about 20 GLEN alumni from different European countries was identified and started working also in terms of strengthening and developing a European network of GLEN alumni and other multipliers from the field of Global Learning.


December 8-11, 2011             Kick-off Seminar in Berlin

March / April 2012                Team Seminar

June 18 – July 15, 2012         Sailing from Gdansk (Poland) to Turku (Finland)

Week 1: Gdansk – Liepaja (Latvia)

Week 2: Liebaja – Riga (Latvia)

Week 3: Riga – Tallin (Estonia)

Week 4: Tallin – Turku

September 2012                    Evaluation Seminar

Target Group

Youths and young adults from across Europe.

Project Aims

(a)  To promote Global Education in Europe

We want to create increased visibility and awareness of sustainability issues in the current sense of global education with a regional focus on the Baltic countries. We want to work with different target groups and make learning goals heavily targeted. Our primary objective in this context is the awareness of the local population (e.g. by a larger public, pupils, participants during port visits) regarding the environmental, economic, and social effects of global and local developments in the Baltic region. Nevertheless, we want to achieve a strong media coverage on local, nation and international level.

(b)  Trainings for multipliers of Global Education

A total of 100 young Europeans (25 participants each week) wil be trained on topics related to sustainability and global interdependences during the four seminar weeks on the ship. A team of qualified tutors will encourage the participants to deal with a critical look on global issues and also reflexively deal with their own role in the context of globalization. Global Education will be an integral part of the seminars and participants will be encouraged to develop their own project ideas. We are aiming to motivate the participants to create and implement activities during our stays in the harbours. Moreover the participants should be motivated to be active in future as multipliers for global eduction, e.g. in their home countries. In this context the sailing ship LOVIS is a substantial part of our methodology because it is well associated with a variety of sustainability issues (e.g. the Baltic Sea), biodiversity (e.g. over fishing), waste of energy (e.g. renewable energy) in Europe.

(c)   Learning Workshop on sustainable skills development

As in previous GLEN-projects the entire project development and implementation should – in addition to the seminars on the boat as the key acivity serve as a learning workshop for young people from different European countries. As part of the project organization rooms for independent acting will be created. Volunteers (e.g. tutors, organisers) are also seen as multipliers and will be trained accordingly. This approach is targeted to the concept of Global Education.


We are a committed team of GLEN alumni. The first planning, networking and fundraising activities have already taken place. The project is open to all interested people and also to those who will be eager to join the project later. We use open communication structures via the FORUM web platform.

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