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GLEN is a youth education network, specialized in non-formal global (and transformative) education. Our core activity is an annual training cycle for ca. 100 European participants aged between 20-30 years to develop their capacities as young ‘citizen leaders’. As part of our strategic efforts, we are looking for partners in South Africa to establish citizens leadership training cycle.

What is the GLEN training?

GLEN training currently includes two European seminars to discuss global challenges from new perspectives (critical view on development cooperation, post-colonial/post-communist attitudes) as well as societal responses such as stereotyping, structural racism, critical thinking and power structures. It continues with a three-month project-based internship outside Europe, which is followed up by an evaluation seminar, again back home.

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Global education in GLEN

… is defined as a popular education approach of bringing about positive change in society, based on solidarity, equality, inclusion and cooperation.

It is a learning process that motivates and empowers young people to become active, responsible global citizen leaders by reflecting on their own roles in the world. Global education in GLEN follows an approach combining the three elements of “head” (reflection and analysis); “heart” (emotions linked to personal experience) and “hand” (activism).

This holistic approach draws on personal experience (what we see, know, experience and what people around us experience) and uses emotions to motivate action. Newly gained knowledge helps us to analyze social and political challenges such as migration, economic crisis in our societies and to understand their reasons, complexities and long term effect. In this way it leads to informed action.

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We hope to be able to pilot a reciprocal training cycle with South African participants (training in SA, internship in Europe) in 2017/2018. Together with our long-term partners, several NGOs as well as the Cape Town Municipality and the University of Cape Town, GLEN is organizing a workshop meeting between 24-27 October 2015 in CDRA (Cape Town) with the aim to:

1. get to know each other with potential partner organizations

2. discuss the various understandings of “transformative”, “popular” and “global” education, their similarities and differences in practice and methodology in South Africa and in GLEN European countries

3. gain an understanding of ways the concept of ‘leadership’ is understood across different contexts

4. discuss opportunities and obstacles of future cooperation

Application for this workshop is now closed. Please get in touch with us in case your organization is based in South Africa and your are interested to cooperate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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