About Eurizons

Eurizons was a Europe-wide hitchhiking campaign which took place in 2006 and in 2007.

The main activity of Eurizons was to educate about global interdependencies & development issues as well as to raise awareness for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Eurizons involved European citizens in an active reflection of their own responsibility towards global issues.

In 2007, Eurizons’ main political focus laid on global trade issues and especally the EPAs which are currently being negotiated in the European Union. We deeply believe, that fairer trade relations between the North and the South can make a great difference and should be one starting point for a fairer distribution of wealth in the world.

Through a colorful and unconventional approach we aimed at addressing especially young people to get involved in global issues. We hitchhiked with a group of trained young Global Education Multipliers from Riga in Latvia to Brussels in Belgium and stopped in eight European cities, where we were organizing big events with panel discussions, workshops, concerts, street theater, movie presentations and more.

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