European Global Education Days (EGED)

The European Global Education Days were GLEN’s main international event of 2008. For five days,from 11th to 16th November, around 70 former GLENnies and other Global Education activists gathered in Berschweiler-Marpingen, near Saarbrücken in South-West Germany, to discuss their experience with Global Education. The EGED also included a visit to the European Development Days in Strasbourg, France, where GLEN had its own stand.

Aims of the European Global Education Days
The objective of this seminar was to share the experience we have gained from a huge variety of projects realised all across Europe since 2003, when GLEN was founded. Participants had the opportunity to follow several workshops focusing on how to evaluate and improve global education activities. Finally we discussed the importance of global education & engagement in European society with interesting guest speakers. Last but not least we celebrated the fifth anniversary of GLEN.

Local Global Education Events
In autumn 2008, partner organisations of GLEN organised various global education activities in order to enable young participants of GLEN to share their experience from the South and raise awareness in Europe about issues surrounding global interdependency. In October and November 2008, partners from the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia organised festivals, film screenings, photo exhibitions, conferences, workshops in schools and other GE activities.

Exchange Experiences and evaluating Global Education activities
The European Global Education Days began with a market, displaying the variety and scope of Global Education activities that participants have carried out. This provided an opportunity to present Global Education activities carried out locally by the GLEN partners.

Wednesday was devoted to discussing how we evaluate whether our actions have been successful, using the Global Education experiences of participants as examples. The aim was to strengthen our capacity to evaluate ourselves, as well as learn some valuable lessons from the activities taking place in the run-up to the European Global Education Days.

Reflect on Global Education as a Tool for Activists
On Thursday, we will discussed with a panel of guests, all activists in their respective fields. We critically reflected on the concept of Global Education, aiming to locate it within the wider field of ‘development’ discourses. This was followed by workshops.

This discussion was wrapped up by collecting views that emerged in the various workshops on assessing global education as an activists’ tool, and collecting views on what can we individually and as a network learn from other activists’ and institutions’ perspectives.

Planning our next Steps: Open Space
Most of Friday was open space for networking and for planning future activities – especially the GLEN stand at the European Development Days.

Action in Strasbourg
On the 15th November the participants of the EGED went to Strasbourg, where the European Development Days took place.

The European Development Days are a high-level event organised by the European Commission, where development cooperation practitioners and decision-makers meet. (See ( GLEN was present at this event with a stand of its own. In Strasbourg we had the opportunity to participate in Global Education activities in the streets, squares and trams of the city. (“Témoignages Solidaires”, an action organised by a French partner, the “Association GéCo”)

The EGED Team
Benjamin Kafka, Katharina Tim, Danute Duura, Monika Matus, Lukas Policar, Christina Plank, Peter Waterstraat , Paddy Leckie and Johannes Krause

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