Cycling Alternatives

Cycling Alternatives is a bike project, which is unique in its kind. The organising team is around 15 people (with and without GLEN background) from different European countries who all share the same vision:

“We want to contribute to a society that allows more time, space and power for people to lead the lives they want to lead. Lives less determined by external necessities and characterized by alienation from our natural and social environment, ourselves and others.”

In summer 2013, 30 young people from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany were cycling (almost) all the way from Berlin to Warszaw. Their aim was to “cycle alternatives”, visit initiatives and people that are practicing and living different lifestyles, economics, to learn from and share experiences with them. But also to raise awareness of economic alternatives and empower the participants with ideas, skills, knowledge and the contact to other European youth in order to join or develop alternative, cooperative and collaborative local economic initiatives.

Almost third of the participants of 2013 joined the organization for the new project.

In 2014 we are Cycling Alternatives * NEOlution. Three bike tours will focus on sustainable solutions to existing social, environmental and economic issues – by working as mobile seminars with the topics of Permaculture, Solidarity Economy and Self-Organisation.  Our theoretical background is the concept of “Alienation” and we try to integrate awareness for lifestyles in deceleration.

The three tours will join together from 12th to 17th of August in Czech Republic to create a space of exchange. 5 days of workshops, DIY actions, building and living together.

Have a look at our website for more info and to know more about  the Tour 2013!  We are writing a blog to keep you up-to-date.


Watch our Video Documentary, which was made during our tour last year!

Cycle safe!

Your Cycling Alternatives Team

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