20th November 2016 – January 2017
The list of internships for 2017 will be online as of 20th November 2016 on this website here. Precise deadlines and conditions of application differ by national member organisations, please visit your home country website for more details.

January – February 2017
Participants are being selected.

Training seminars

April – June 2016
The training cycle begins for the participants with two Multipliers Training Seminars, where they get to know other GLENnies and, with the support of facilitating teams, enter the world of GLEN. They kick off their GLEN learning process by getting to know GLEN, Global Education & Global Learning, and understanding their own involvement in global interdependencies. They get the chance to learn and reflect on global power structures and critical issues that shape our understanding of the world and our positionality within it.

There are two seminar groups, (1) GLEN Anglo and (2) GLEN GéCo.
Both have English as a working language. For GLEN GéCo, additional components will be included in French.

GLEN Anglo


Internship in the Global South

July – October 2017
The internships at the host partners African, Asian, South-East European and Latin American countries usually take place usually between July and October. Internships cover a period of three months.

Global Education Practice phase in Europe

November 2017 – March 2018
Participants engage in Global Education/Global Learning in their own local contexts or beyond by developing a global education activity (GEA). The concrete requirements differ by Member organisation, therefore, your national co-ordinators will provide you with more details in this regard.

RENew seminar

RENew stands for “Seminar for Review, Engagement and Networking“. This is the space for all GLEN participants of the cycle to meet again after their internships. During the four days of RENew, they can reflect on the GLEN cycle, their internships as well as their future engagement in Global Education / Global Learning. Together, they can develop plans and initiatives, exchange with former participants, network with people and institutions in the field of Global Education.

The next RENew Seminar will take place in March 2018 (exact dates and location to be communicated).

After the RENew

GLEN participants are part of the multipliers’ universe within GLEN. As GLEN Alumni, they are “Global Education Multipliers”, who work towards global change on local, national, regional and global levels as a part of a large network. Many multipliers initiate action as GLEN Alumni – in small or large groups, alone or as part of the network – to facilitate change and act as global actors in their everyday life.

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