Supporting environmental conservation by cultivating a youth garden

Are you interested in environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture? Do you also enjoy working with young people? Then this project might be a good fit. To participate you should have a background in agroforestry or have experience in vegetable gardening and farming. Alternatively, you should have practical experience in writing grant proposals and in project management. You should also be confident in delivering training sessions and have very good English language skills.

The Bulock Kapongha Youth Development Association (BKYDA) is a non-political and non-profit organisation founded in 2014. BKYDA implements projects in the areas of farming, forest regeneration, business training, as well as community health and sanitation. The organisation is based in the village of Bulock in the Foni Brefet District in western Gambia.

One of BKYDA’s projects focuses on cultivating a five-hectare Youth Garden with the goal of providing a healthy vegetable supply for the community and region. Moreover, the garden serves as a source of income for the youth and the organisation. To implement its Bulock Green Initiative project, BKYDA collaborates with, among others, the Department of Forestry and Green-Up Gambia. Farming and planting fruit trees to enhance forest regeneration are two main pillars of this project.

As a GLEN participant you would actively support BKYDA in its work in the youth garden. You would engage in growing vegetables, as well as processing and storing produce. In collaboration with BKYDA staff members, you would develop a training curriculum focused on good agricultural practices. This curriculum will be used for BKYDA’s own training programmes and also shared with other organisations in the region. Beyond this, GLEN participants will also assist in facilitating training courses and support BKYDA in its administrative tasks.

The scheduled time for the internship is three months between July and September 2018.

Trainings and seminars prior to the internship will be held in English.

The GLEN team will be comprised of one German participant and one Hungarian participant.

Program component: GLEN

Language(s): English

Topic / area(s) of interest: Education; Ecology, Environment & Climate

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Horticulture, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Industry; Natural Sciences and Environmental Protection; Social Issues; Teaching and Education

Field(s) of study:  Agriculture and Forestry; Education and Pedagogy

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Administration; IT and Web Design

Period of the internship: 3 months between July and September 2018

Country: Gambia

Number of Participants: 2

Proposed by: Bulock Kapongha Youth Development Association

Classification of the internship in the development fields: Education (2); Ecology, Environment & Climate (9)

Number of the internship: 1121


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