Supporting rural development with teaching and health services

Are you passionate about teaching? Are you interested in the provision of quality health services? For this project, we are looking for two participants who love working with kids and teenagers and are ready to inspire them to follow their dreams. To participate you should be eager to engage in teaching activities with young people or be keen to support health services in a rural setting. Moreover, you need to be open-minded and have very good English language skills.

The Organisation for Strategic Development (OSDA) is a non-profit organisation committed to enhancing the development of marginalised communities through education, capacity building, and health programmes. Currently, the OSDA has three permanent staff members and its main office is in Accra, the capital of Ghana. To enhance quality education for girls and boys and health care services in rural areas of Ghana, the OSDA implements volunteer programmes for individuals who are genuinely interested in sharing their expertise and labour with less privileged communities. The OSDA proactively seeks to build partnerships with other stakeholders in order to combine skills and resources for a better delivery of sustainable development projects. At the local level, the organisation collaborates, for example, with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture. Internationally, the OSDA has partner organisations in Italy, Macedonia, Romania, and the UK.

As a GLEN participant you would first be based for three weeks with the OSDA in Accra for orientation and induction. Afterwards, you would be posted to a community where you would either support teachers in rural primary and secondary schools in their teaching activities or work in local health centres. In the schools, you teach ITC, maths, sciences, English, and art classes. Moreover, you would organise extracurricular activities for students and support them in completing their homework. The GLEN participants working at local health centres would support local health staff and provide educational information to patients on issues such as safe motherhood, healthy eating, and nutrition.

The scheduled time for the internship is between 1 August and 30 October 2018.

Training and seminars prior to the internship will be held in English.

The GLEN tandem will be comprised of one German participant and one Polish participant.

Program component: GLEN

Language(s): English

Topic / area(s) of interest: Education; Health

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Computer Sciences, Information and Communication Technology; Natural Sciences and Environmental Protection; Medicine and Health Care; Social Issues; Teaching and Education;

Field(s) of study: Humanities; Sociology and Social Sciences; Education and Pedagogy; Medicine and Health Studies; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Linguistics and Literary Studies

Period of the internship: 3 months between 1 August and 30 October 2018

Country: Ghana

Number of Participants: 2

Proposed by: Organisation for Strategic Development (OSDA)

Classification of the internship in the development fields (Numbers): Education (2); Health (5)

Number of the internship (to be filled in later on): 1114


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