Working with young people on matters of reproductive health

Are you interested in public health? Do you easily engage with young people? This project might be exactly what you are looking for. To participate in this project, you should have knowledge of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. Ideally, you have a medical background. Moreover, you should have very good English skills and enjoy working in rural settings.

KoteMtaani Health and Environmental Concern (KOMHEC) seeks to create a community where people are able to fulfil all their own basic needs. To achieve its vision, KOMHEC implements projects focusing on public health, environmental conservation, and natural resources management, as well as food security. The organisation has its base in the small town of Mumias in western Kenya and works with rural citizens. To enhance rural community members’ health practices, KOMHEC relies on behaviour change communication strategies. The organisation supports the educational work of teachers in secondary schools on matters of reproductive health. Moreover, KOMHEC has collaborated with the Ministry of Health, the HIV&AIDS Western Network and the National AIDS Control Council in raising awareness and providing information on malaria, HIV/AIDS, and TB prevention. KOMHEC has cooperated with ASA since 2014. The organisation is planning to hire some permanent staff; currently five volunteers support KOMHEC in its work.

As a GLEN participant, you would support KOMHEC in its educational work on reproductive health matters with secondary school students. You would participate in interactive theatre to disseminate information among and for pupils and discuss how to handle peer pressure. By exchanging knowledge with young people on how you have taken informed decisions and how to pursue a career path, you would support KOMHEC in students’ career development. At the end of your internship, you would be expected to share the lessons you learned in a report for the team of KOMHEC and its project partners focusing on public health. You are encouraged to suggest ideas for future projects.

The scheduled time for the internship is three months between July and September 2018.

Trainings and seminars prior to the internship will be held in English.

The GLEN team will be comprised of one German participant and one Hungarian participant.

Program component: GLEN

Language(s): English

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Medicine; Health Studies; Social Sciences; Pedagogy

Field(s) of study: Social sciences, Pedagogy / Education, Economy

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Practice Nurse; Youth Worker; Sexual Health

Period of the internship: 3 months between July and September 2018

Country: Kenya

Number of Participants: 2

Proposed by: Kote Mtaani Health and Environmental Concern (KOMHEC)

Classification of the internship in the development fields: Bildung (2); Gesundheit (5); Kinder & Jugendliche (8); Ländliche Entwicklung (12)

Number of the internship: 1105


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