Preservation of cultural diversity and promotion of medicinal plants

GLEN combines mutual learning in the Global North and Global South with inner-European exchange. European tandems from Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia as well as Germany form the project teams during a three-month internship in the Global South. They also visit three seminars together, where English is the working language. These experiences of peer-to-peer learning and a change of perspective are the foundation for GLEN participant’s Global Learning Activity.

You want to explore alternative approaches to combine cultural diversity and social business? If you are interested in plants, have a passion for hiking and skills in media communication, this project might be the right one for you! You should be open, sociable and eager to exchange ideas. A background in a field related to media or communication studies, sustainable business or social sciences will be an advantage.

Gulu Giyoh is an organisation which was established in 1996 in the Ishkashim district, Tajikistan, with the aim of promoting traditional medicine practices, notably medicinal plants and local mineral springs. Gulu Giyoh is situated in the remote village Avjh, which has a population of 30 people. The mountainous Ishkashim region has a population of approximately 25.000 people. Regarding rapid socio-economic changes within the region, Gulu Giyoh has extended its mission to the preservation and revitalisation of the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Badakshan. Through community based cooperatives the organisation wants to promote women entrepreneurship and eco-tourism and thus strengthen the local economy. Current activities include the cultivation of medicinal plants, the development of an information centre and a small museum as well as the publication of books and the organisation of cultural festivals.

With your GLEN tandem partner, and potentially a local intern, you will support Gulu Giyoh in media and networking tasks. You will collect and edit photo and video material, update the web page and develop marketing strategies for local products, such as plant-based medicine. Assistance in finding international project partners can benefit the development of current and future programmes of the organisation. Ideally, this research regarding possible international project partners, should be finalized before your stay in Avjh, due to the limited internet connection there. Apart from these tasks, you will also join the daily collection and preparation of herbs.

The scheduled time period for the internship is three months between July and September 2017.

Trainings and seminars prior to the internship will be held English.

The GLEN tandem will be formed by a Hungarian and a Latvian participant.

Program component: GLEN Anglo

Language(s): English, Russian, optional: Persian

Topic / area(s) of interest: Culture, Media and Information, Rural development

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Media/Communications services, Education/Teaching, Tourism

Field(s) of study: Agricultural/Forest science, Computer science, Communication science/Media studies, Cultural studies/Arts, Medicine/Health, Tourism, Environmental sciences

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Marketing

Period of the internship: 3 months between July and September

Country: Tajikistan

Number of Participants: 2

Proposed by: Oshur Ozodi, Project coordinator

Classification of the internship in the development fields: 7 (Culture), 8 (Rural development)

Number of the internship: 50004002-1216

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