Broadcasting educational programmes for the Oku Rural Radio

GLEN combines mutual learning in the Global North and Global South with inner-European exchange. European tandems from Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia as well as Germany form the project teams during a three-month internship in the Global South. They also visit three seminars together, where English is the working language. These experiences of peer-to-peer learning and a change of perspective are the foundation for GLEN participant’s Global Learning Activity.

Are you interested in radio broadcasting on a variety of topics, including human rights, education and rural development? Do you enjoy developing new programme formats and social media content? This GLEN project takes place in a rural broadcasting station. Interns will be part of the radio team and learn about the specific technical, financial and administrative challenges of the station and mass communication in the development context. Participants should have knowledge in journalism and mass communication. They should, furthermore, be familiar with topics related to rural development, climate change and human rights and have skills in radio production, IT or grant writing.

Oku Rural Radio (ORR) is a non-profit broadcasting station, founded in 1997, aiming at promoting development in rural and indigenous communities. The radio is run by a team of five persons and about twelve community volunteers. It is a broadcasting programme on human rights, culture, sustainable agriculture, community forest management. They broadcast in English and local/ indigenous languages like Oku, Mbororo/Fulfilde, Pidgin, Kom, Mbessa etc. It covers a cross section of communities, including the dominant indigenous nomad tribes in the enclave communities of this region. Oku is located in the Bui division of the Northwest region of Cameroon and it is made up of 36 village communities. Due to the dense population there, a more sustainable use of resources is needed.

The goal of the internship is to conceive and produce educational programmes while assisting in the broadcasts for the Oku Rural Radio. Another important aspect is the empowerment of local radio staff by strengthening their journalistic capacities. As GLEN intern you will evaluate current radio programmes and take part in the conception and production for on air online broadcasts. Moreover, you will assist in grant writing and collaborate with the staff regarding research on potential partners. Finally, you will be involved in the process of updating online content.

The scheduled time period for the internship is three months between 15th July and 15th October 2017.

Training and seminars prior to the internship will be held in English

The GLEN tandem will be formed by a German and a Polish participant, who will collaborate with an intern from Cameroon. On site, you will work in a team of three.

Program component: GLEN Anglo

Language(s): English

Topic / area(s) of interest: Education, Rural Development, Media, Human Rights

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Social Science, Education

Field(s) of study: Social Science, Communication/Media Studies, Education

Vocational field(s)/field(s) of study: Commercial Services, IT/Web Design, Education, Media/Communication Services

Period of the internship: 3 months between 15th July 2017 and 15th October 2017

Country: Cameroon

Number of Participants: 2

Proposed by: Oku Rural Radio (OCR)

Classification of the internship in the development fields: Media and information, Human Rights, Environment

Number of the internship: 50004002-1111


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