How to apply

Who can apply?

You can apply for becoming a GLEN participant if:

If you want to apply for GLEN-Anglo, you additionally need to:

If you want to for GLEN-GéCo, you additionally need to:

The national GLEN partners might have further specific requirements or requests. Therefore, please see the website of your national GLEN Member Organisation or ask the respective GLEN co-ordinators.

Your obligations

While applying, you need to confirm that you will take part in:

Again, each Member organisation might have different/additional expectations towards your engagement in awareness raising/global education after having returned from the Global South as well as different conditions of participation.

Application process

In order to apply, contact your national GLEN Member Organisation! Each organisation has a slightly different application procedure and selection process.

Your participation in the programme is assured only under the condition that the financial resources from different donors are actually transferred and that no incidents in the host country occur that may endanger your stay.

Please note that the division into seminar groups and thus the language of the seminars do not depend on the region of the internships but rather on the composition of the participants’ tandems: most internships taking place in German-French tandems are included in the GLEN-GeCo group, with the seminars mostly in French.  The internships taking place in wider European tandems are included in the GLEN-Anglo group, with seminars in English. You can see on the top of each short description which group an internship belongs to!

You have to apply at the GLEN Member Organisation in your home country/country of residence:

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