How strict are the age limitations?

The age-limit concerns the date of the application and NOT the date of the possible departure. It has to be followed strictly.

Can I apply if I have already graduated?
Can I apply if I am still doing vocational training?
Can I apply if I am currently unemployed?

These conditions vary according to the GLEN Member Organisations responsible for participant selection.
Please check out at their respective website or ask the according GLEN national co-ordinator.

Can I also apply if my profession or field of study is not listed in the description of the internship?

The listed fields of study and occupations are rather guidelines for required backgrounds of participants. More important is for you to have the knowledge and skills required for working at the internship placement. If your profession/field of study is not listed in the description, please describe shortly how you have acquired the skills necessary for the internship or how you can acquire until the departure.

Which level of language skills is required?

English and French are the main languages of communication within GLEN. Good, active English or French skills, depending on the seminar group (English for GLEN Anglo, French for GLEN GéCo), are therefore a precondition of participation in the GLEN programme. During the internship in the Global South, you will have to be able to communicate in a working environment either in English or French or in another language specified in the internship description. Please do honestly consider your language skills and estimate whether they are sufficient. Communicative competence is crucial for the success of your internship in the Global South.
In case you don’t have the required language skills at the date of your application, please describe shortly how you are planning to acquire these skills until your possible departure.

In which language do I have to apply?

Internship short descriptions tell you which internships belong to GLEN Anglo or GLEN GéCo. Please use English in GLEN Anglo and French in GLEN GéCo. In case you feel more confident in English and wish to apply for GLEN GéCo, you can write your application in English. In that case, however, explain shortly how are going to improve your French skills until the first seminar.

How should I submit the application?

The procedure varies by Member Organisations, please check their respective websites.

If I am not from one of the ten GLEN countries, is there a possibility for me to apply?

For applying, you have to permanently live in one of these ten countries. Otherwise, it is unfortunately not possible for you to apply for an internship.

Is it possible to miss a training and the evaluation seminar?

The seminars are a crucial part of the training cycle. Missing part of a training and or evaluation seminar is therefore not possible. When applying, please make sure that you can participate fully in all of the seminars and other parts of the Cycle. Missing out on any of them might result in the cancellation of your participation in the rest of the Cycle.

When does the internship take place?

The time frame for each internship is stated in the internship description and was defined by the Host Partners. If there is no reference in the description, participants and Host Partners will agree on the exact dates together. The (two or three) participants of one internship should plan to make their internship at the same time.

Can I get the contact details of the organisation in the host country beforehand?

Selected participants will receive contact data of the GLEN Host Partner during the first training seminar.

Do I have to pay for GLEN?

The participants will receive a scholarship that partially covers the travel to the host countries and the living expenses during the 3 months of the internship. The support for the travel costs to the host country is a fixed amount equivalent to a cheap (early booked) flight ticket. The scholarship varies between ca. 750 € and 1200 € for the whole period of 3 months, depending on the GLEN Member Organisation. The participant’s personal choices (timely purchase of the tickets, standard of living in the host country) determine how much of the costs must be self-covered.
The accommodation and boarding costs of the training seminars are covered by GLEN. The cost of travel to and from the training seminars are not pre-paid but partially funded. The exact procedures and amounts vary according to the respective GLEN Member Organisations.

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