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Key objective

The key objective of my webpage was primarily to inform my family and friends about my GLEN internship in Nigeria. But the original blog soon became more that that. It developed into an organized page with clear structures that informs wide range of audience of the everyday reality of life and work in Nigeria through the eyes of an intern. I tried to give the audience another way to learn about Nigeria other than the rare news coverage focused mainly on violence and corruption. I dealt with topics such as everyday life, traveling, internship/work etc.

Framework of the activity

I created the webpage after my arrival in Nigeria in August 2010 since then I have been publishing articles,pictures and links on the webpage. It is still not finished I have many ideas about what to add to the page and how to make it even better. I organised the activity alone, but my tandem partner Helen read all my articles and offered constructive cristicism. At the moment the webpage has 5117 visitors in total, that is a number of unique visitors/day. I chose this framework, because I think it allows me to reach quite wide audience. Because all the content is in Czech, English or German, it is not limited to people who only speak Czech and people anywhere in the world can read it.

I think I not only reached my original objectives, but also overcame them. The page receives positive feedback and the number of participants is quite high. I think that reading even one article can give the reader some interesting information and motivate them to learn more about developing countries in the future.

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