Kenia od podszewki – The Ins and Outs of Kenya

Kenia od podszewki – The Ins and Outs of Kenya

is the name of the unusual photo exhibition that took place in Toruń (Poland). In cardboard boxes, hung on the trees in the park, photos from GLEN internship in Kenya where presented.

The authors of the pictures: Christian Schulte-Lünzum and Łukasz Bartosik where GLEN participants 2009 and spent three months near Kitale in Western Kenya on the project “Let’s Fight AIDS Together”. Their main activity there was teaching at local school about HIV prevention and drug abuse problems.

The photographs shown at the exhibition, presented daily activities of GLEN volunteers during internship. The aim was to show the situations that could not have been seen by people who visit Kenya, only as a tourists.

Next to the exhibition, second activity was organised. Children were asked to build the big model of Kenyan city, based on the photographs from GLEN internship. Buildings, roads, cars and people were made mostly of boxes and paper.

Events were organised by Polish Humanitarian Action with financial support of Youth in Action programme.

Fot. Borja Garzon & Łukasz Bartosik

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