Day of Sharing: A Board Game

Day of Sharing: A Board Game explaining Microfinance Programs


This is a board game with educational aspects explaining the mechanisms of a microfinance programme in a land of the South, exemplified by Benin/WestAfrica. Furthermore, the game is creating awareness for the structural problems in countries of the South and depicts the interrelations their consequences between countries of the North and the South.


Global and Development Education needs to be advanced in schools, but also beyond such as in families. This board or educational game serves as a tool in the playful discussion on the structural problems between North and South.


This game has been developed as a Global Education Action in the context of GLEN. It has been inspired by the programme Association Villageoise d’Epargne et de Crédit (AVE&C), which is carried out by the NGO Plan Benin in cooperation with other local NGOs in Benin and other West African countries. The title “Day of Sharing” stems from this programme and hints at the 56th (and last) week of a savings- and credit cycle. At this special day the savings are being disbursed, the interest is shared and people celebrate together.


The game has been illustrated by children aged 6 to 14 years during a drawing contest in Hambühren/Oldau (Germany), after they had received an introduction to the topic of microfinance and global North/South interrelations. All pictures complying to the criteria have been used for the game (board, large red, green and white cards). During the award ceremony, the young artists gave their consent to use the photos of their pictures for the illustrations of the game. I would like to thank all of them once again here.



The audience of the game is students from age 15 onwards or families. On the one hand, the game can be used as an educational school from grade 9 onwards, in groups of 5, embedded in a lesson on global and development education. An introduction to the topic of microfinance before and a subsequent reflexion (supportive material is attached) are valuable in this context.

On the other hand, the game can be played just as any other board game by families. A mixture of ages from 10 to 99 is advised. In this case, the roles can be distributed according to age, so that older players will carry more responsibility.

Elements of the game/”playability”

All important elements of the game have been developed and implemented (manual, board, big white, green and red cards, small white cards for vouchers, blueprints for account books, money and vouchers). It has been played intensely twice, discussed and developed further: Once, during the GLEN-RENew in Jedlnia, Poland – by and with GLENnies, and with my family.


I would like to find a publisher for (global and development) educational materials and /or a publisher for board games, being interested in publishing the game at an affordable price, to make it accessible to a large audience. Besides the board game version, a digital version is thought about in the long term.

- Eva Bulgrin –

Please find the game materials below. Please not that at the time they are only available in German. Translations are envisaged, but not yet available!




Anlagen Spiel



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