Global education activities

What is a ‘Global Education Activity’?

As part of the GLEN training cycle’s “global education practice” phase, participants are requested to carry out a small project, in teams or individually, that reflects on the knowledge and skills they gained during the training. This small project is called “global education activity” (GEA).

The type and form of the GEA is generally determined by the interest and skills of the participant and the expectations of the respective GLEN member organisation. GEAs ideally raise awareness and understanding of the target group(s) on the complexity and interconnectedness of global challenges and encourage the audience to become active, responsible citizens.

What can you do as a Global Education Activity? 

Examples of GEAs


GEA Awards winners (2013)


GEA Awards winners (2012)


1st category: Yummie!


2nd category: Catchy ones


3rd category : The best GEA that did not happen – yet!


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Further GEA examples


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Summary of most famous GEAs

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