MTS 2013 kicks off

Posted on April 16, 2013

Yesterday was the kick off of the GLEN Multipliers Training Seminars 2013! From the 15th to 20th April around 50 participants and team members of the GLEN-GeCo group meet in Fayl Billot, France, and from the 16th to 21th April around 70 participants and team members of the GLEN Anglo group meet near Berlin, Germany. The participants will get to know their European tandems, get trained in global education methods, in intercultural communication, global interdependencies, racism and privileges, critical thinking, conflict management and more! They will also get time to prepare themselves for their experience in the Global South, addressing topics such as conflict in teams, expectations, project tourism, communication with host partner organizations and more. The participants will meet again on a second seminar in June before they leave for their 3-month-internships in European tandems to the Global South and implement Global Education Activities once back in Europe. You can find the internships descriptions 2013 here.

You can find more details on Global Education and the GLEN cycle here.

The GLEN cycle 2013 counts 104 participants in total from Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Their participation is financed by the German Ministry of Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery, the Slovak MFA, the Czech MFA and the Slovene Local Authority of Ljubljana.

The German French Office for Youth (OFAJ) kindly finances for the 10th time this year the participation of the young German-French tandems in the GLEN-GeCo seminars. The German-Czech Future Fund finances the participation of the German-Czech tandems in the GLEN Anglo seminars.

We wish all participants and team members great seminars, lots of exchanges, critical discussions, reflection and learning experiences!

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