Mobility [a global education action]

Posted on March 17, 2014

Three participants from the 2013/2014 GLEN multipliers’ training cycle Miri, Hauke and Andrea has recently started their GEA (global education action) by publishing a blog on mobility:

„Every day we move for short or long distances, use cars or bikes and take trains. Even the ancient dream of flying has become reality. Our travels, jobs and social relationships have reached global scales. Still, we hardly consider which decisions and possibilities enable and require us to be mobile.”

On this blog, the three GLENies want to have a closer look upon mobility with regard to sustainability, equality, future possibilities and personal experiences. They are planning to present various perspectives, information and encouraging ideas related to sustainable mobility. During the time of fasting period from March to April they will post articles on a daily schedule in proposition of enhancing awareness, changing perspectives, and rethinking our habits.

If you like to contribute, criticize or comment on the thoughts presented by the GLENies– please feel free to use their blog as your platform: (Unfortunately, most posts will be in German but translations are being worked on.)

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