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Posted on November 13, 2014

Dear Friends of GLEN,

After an inspiring and vivid “Shake it and Shape it” Seminar the next step of the strategy process lies ahead of us: The working group phase! You are all very welcome to participate in this exciting and important part of the process. Learn more about the task and register till Friday, the 21st of November 2014!

At the “Shake it and Shape it”-seminar, the group decided to continue the work on the strategy with four working groups:

Learn more about the reasons and procedures via Basic documents strategy process
These four groups are continuing the intense discussions of the seminar, explore the topics further and develop drafts for the strategy plan 2016-2020. No matter whether you attended the seminar or not, whether you are multiplier, participant, host or member, whether you are part of GLEN for a long time or quite fresh, all perspectives are important and highly valued in these groups!


All in all around 1.5 – 4 full days of work (depending for which tasks you are responsible for) is foreseen. Tasks in the working group are on a voluntary basis, GLEN will be able to give a symbolic volunteer allowance (EUR 100) for the work, at the end of the working group.
If you need more information to decide on being part of a group, please find the following documents on the google drive platform:

Basic documents strategy process

Introduction to the working groups

If you prefer not to use Google services or need a personal exchange, please contact Andras Martoni, GLEN network officer (

Please register till Friday, the 21st of November 2014 via filling in a quick form on the website. We are looking very much forward hearing from you!

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