Is global education European? (online discussion)

Posted on October 24, 2012

This is an invitation to GLEN’s first ever online discussion on the GLENweb, starting on the 23rd October 2012.

The online discussion is an attempt to talk about important topics in detail and gather as many of your thoughts, ideas as possible. It is in strong connection with the upcoming Annual Event as it will provide input for the work group panels.

What are the topics?

1. Southern Partners of GLEN – what does that mean?
What is our true relationship with the Southern Partners (=host organisations in the Global South)? What status/position do they have now in the Network and what should they have in the future?

2. How could we make Global Education (GE) more global – in terms of definition as well as practice?
Do the interest and the willingness of all actors exits? What role do the Southern Partners play in GE? Is GE a European concept, should GE actions only happen in Europe?

3. Communication, Evaluation and Feedback – what can we improve and how do we do it?
What can be done to strengthen the communication between GLEN and the SPs? How can we evaluate the experience of Southern Partners? How can we work on a better feedback in both directions?

These questions all go under the umbrella of “GLEN and its Southern Partners”- the main topic of the ANNUAL EVENT early November in Slovenia.

If you are coming to the AE: this is the opportunity to start the discussion right now!

If there was any reason you couldn’t make it to the seminar, here’s the good news: you can still add your valuable comments and thoughts to this discussion online! Each question represents a WORK GROUP panel on the Annual Event so we are going to work with your input for the full benefit of GLEN. There will be five Southern Partners involved in this process online, one, Mr. Martial Kouderin from Benin, as moderator.

Come and join us, your input is important!

How does it work?

The online discussion takes place from 10:00hrs on the 23rd October until the 4th November 2012 (you can join in any time, the earlier the better) on the GLENweb (, under GLENGroup called “GLEN and the Southern Partners”.  As moderators we will structure the dialog and the outcome will serve as a basis for our conversations on the Annual Event.

1. If you are not yet subscribed to GLEN Web ( or have lost your account credentials or have any other problem signing in, please contact: Andras Martoni (for English, or Marine Caron (for French and English,
2. On GLENweb join the group: GLEN and the Southern Partners – nothing easier than that: just click on the “Join the group” Button!
3. The discussion takes place on the WIKI. Every topic has an own document in the WIKI – like every working group will a have an own room at the Annual Event. Nevertheless you find five documents: an introduction to the discussion, the three topics mentioned above and a document dedicated to all the rest!
4. For every topic we wrote a little introduction to give an insight of what we had in mind and why we chose this question. Just use the commentary option to give us your opinion!
5. For further information an the topic “Southern Partners” in general have a look at the uploaded documents – you find our report and a presentation which provides an overview!
6. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Judith ( or Magdalena (

So  go to  > the GLENgroup: GLEN and the Southern Partners  > WIKI

It is the first online discussion in the history of GLEN, the first discussion where you can switch between the subjects without missing any comment. It’s unique – take the chance and give us your opinions, ideas, reflections and feelings!

See you online!

the online discussion moderators Judith Blume, Magdalena Mazurek and Martial Kouderin

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