What is GLEN

The mission of GLEN

GLEN - Global Education Network of Young Europeans - is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of eleven organisations from old and new member states of the European Union: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. For more information on the GLEN partners click here.

GLEN qualifies multipliers in global education. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of seminars/trainings with practice/experience and in the combination of North-South exchange with inner-European exchange. For more information see the Multipliers Training Cycle.

GLEN aims at contributing
  • to a better understanding of global interdependency,
  • to fair and sustainable ways of living,
  • to a responsible development policy and
  • to North-South relations based upon equal partnership and mutual respect.

The objectives of GLEN

  • to build capacities of young Europeans for work in development co-operation and global education
  • to contribute to more awareness in the European society of issues of global development and interdependency between the life of people in Europe and developing and/or transition countries
  • to connect people and organisations working in the field of global education in different European countries, to provide them with spaces for creative exchange and for developing new ideas together
  • to contribute to European integration, particularly concerning the relationships between old and new EU member countries

The vision of GLEN

Global Interdependence. We are living in a highly interdependent world. By movements of people, goods, money and emissions everybody is connected with far away people and regions. Our daily choices what we eat or wear, how long we leave the lights on or how often we use our mobile phone influence our future, as well as the future of people around the globe. Our governments create and implement national and international development policies.

One Europe. A secure, democratic and prosperous Europe can't exist in a violent, socially unjust and environmentally damaged world. Europe needs to play a constructive and responsible role in the world. As the new generation of young Europeans from East and West, we want to contribute to shaping this Europe. Awareness of Europe's history and responsibility, consciousness of similarities and differences between us are helping us in this process.

One World! Only in a joint effort of South and North, East and West we will be able to find solutions for global challenges like global poverty, unfairness in distribution of opportunities for development, unequal access to resources, environmental degradation and climate change or violent conflicts. We need Europeans who act as responsible global citizens and future decision-makers who face these issues and can contribute to a future based on sustainable and socially fair development.