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GLEN is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of eleven organisations from old and new member states of the European Union.

GLEN aims at contributing to a better understanding of global interdependency, fair and sustainable ways of living, to a responsible development policy and to North-South relations based upon equal partnership and mutual respect.

Activities of GLEN

GLEN offers an advanced training and experience program for young European global education multipliers. This program consists of training seminars, a 3 month internship in the Global South and awareness raising and global education activities in Europe.

GLEN builds connections between people and organisations working in global education in Europe and provides them with spaces for creative exchange and for developing new ideas together.

GLEN raises public awareness and understanding of global development issues and of the interdependence of the life of people in Europe and developing/transition countries. GLEN thus supports Europeans' informed action as responsible global citizens.

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Formation des Formateurs - „a very enriching experience“

The GLEN training workshop for future trainers of european multipliers in global education was taking place in Donaueschingen, Germany from 26th to 29th November 2009. During the three days workshop the 18 participants coming from France, Germany and Switzerland received a lot of methods and utilities and exchanged about their role as future trainers in global education. more...

After GLEN Transfer Seminar


The first GLEN Transfer Seminar took place on November 19th-22nd 2009 in Kostelecke Horky in Czech Republic and we are already looking forward to the next one! more...