What is Global Education?

Global Education within GLEN

Global Education is a creative approach of bringing about change in our own society.

Global Education is an active learning process based on the universal values of tolerance, solidarity, equality, justice, inclusion, co-operation and non-violence.

Global Education begins with raising awareness of global challenges such as poverty, unfair distribution of opportunities and resources, environmental degradation and climate change, violent conflict and non-respect of human rights. It then creates a deeper understanding of the complex underlying issues. Thereby it aims at changing people‘s attitudes and encourages them to reflect on their own role in the world. Global education motivates and empowers people to become active as responsible global citizens.

Global Education addresses certain topics, e.g.

Global Education applies a certain methodological approach, e.g.

Global Education is based on values, e.g.

Global Education is a process

Involvement and action in Global Education in Europe is the essence of GLEN.
By offering a multipliers training cycle, GLEN provides young people with first hand experiences from the South as well as skills and knowledge for Global Education activities on national and European level.

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