Global education in Europe

GLEN co-operates with the following European and international networks and projects:

CONCORD – European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development
CONCORD is the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development. Its 20 international networks and 22 national associations from the European Member States and the candidate countries represent more than 1600 European NGOs vis-à-vis the European Institutions. The main objective of the Confederation is to enhance the impact of European development NGOs vis-à-vis the European Institutions by combining expertise and accountability.

DEEEP – Development Education Exchange in Europe Project
DEEEP is a programme that aims to increase the capacity of European NGDOs to deliver grassroots Development Education (DE) via methodological exchange, training, improved networking, elaboration of common policies and common projects.

TRIALOG – Development NGOs in the enlarged EU
TRIALOG is a project to raise awareness of development issues in the enlarged EU. TRIALOG’s overall objective is to strengthen development cooperation through the full integration of development NGOs (NGDOs) from New EU Member States (NMS) and Accession Countries (AC) into CONCORD and other European networks.

The European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity (North-South Centre of the Council of Europe)
The North-South Centre’s mandate is to provide a framework for North-South co-operation to increase public awareness of global interdependence issues and promote policies of solidarity in conformity with the aims and principles of the Council of Europe.

Forum – International FORUM on Development Service
International FORUM on Development Service is a network of organisations engaged in international volunteering and personnel exchange. FORUM aims to share information, develop best practice and enhance co-operation between its members. FORUM’s members include both non-governmental (NGO) and state organisations which work through over 12,000 volunteer development workers in more than 100 developing countries.

Platforms of Nongovernmental Development Organisations (NGDOs) in GLEN countries

Czech NGDO platform: FoRS České fórum pro rozvojovou spolupráci

Estonian NGDO platform: AKÜ Arengukoostöö Ümarlaud

French NGDO platform: Coordination Sud

German NGDO platform: VENROVerband Entwicklungspolitik deutscher Nichtregierungsorganisationen

Hungarian NGDO platform: HAND: Nemzetközi Humanitárius és Fejlesztési Civil Szövetség

Latvian NGDO platform: Lapas – Latvijas Platforma attīstības sadarbībai

Lithuanian NGDO platform: Pagalba

Polish NGDO platform: Grupa Zagranica

Slovak NGDO platform: MVRO – Platforma mimovládnych rozvojových organizácií

Slovenian NGDO platform: SLOGA – Slovenian Global Action

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