GLEN Transfer Seminar 2010 in Hungary

Posted on November 29, 2010

During a few beautiful autumn days in early November 2010 the second GLEN Transfer Seminar took place in Nagykovácsi near Budapest. For four days 22 participants from all over Europe (Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia and Switzerland) trained and broadened their skills in Global Education Activities (GEA).

After trainings in project management, campaigning and non-formal education, the participants together developed a Global Education Activity related to the Millennium Development Goals which then was performed in the center of Budapest. The group combined several methods in order to get the attention and curiosity of the passing people and performed different theatre sketches commented by a Hungarian participant.

Overall the seminar provided a great opportunity to learn by planning, performing and evaluating Global Education Activities (GEAs). It provided the participants with tools to further develop their own GEAs and gave everybody a great opportunity to network with motivated GLENnies from all over Europe. Finally the seminar provided the opportunity for many participants to discover Hungary for the first time!

Read some statements from participants about the GLEN Transfer Seminar 2010:

The street action was the first one I ever took part in and enjoyed that very much! Most importantly, I have a clearer idea now on how to do my own GEA.
Katka Miklovicova, Slovakia

J’ai appris qu’il y avait des situations de déconfort dans la vie, que ces situations peuvent être provoquées et qu’elles permettent d’avancer, de faire un nouveau pas en avant, vers les gens ou vers soi-même. Je pense que ce séminaire m’a aidé à devenir plus entreprenant. En tous cas, comme après chaque séminaire GLEN, j’ai un peu plus conscience que j’ai des choses à dire et qu’il faut se lancer franchement pour les partager.
Hughes Fertin, France

I have learnt a lot. I understood what is GLEN, how it is working and what GLEN is responsible for. I have learnt a lot about project management and how to make GEA. I felt very good in our team and I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part of this seminar.
Veronika Wäldlová, Slovakia

I liked the really mixed up group of different people with different backround and project/country experience! I learned some new methods by practicing them, especially during the preparation and implementation of the street action.
Rebecca Daniel, Germany

Authors: Jens Feurer and Caspar Klein

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