GLEN seen by its partners in the South

Posted on March 5, 2012

How do the partners in the South see GLEN? What do they like/dislike in the collaboration? What would they like to change?What role do they want to play within the network? Briefly: what is their vision of GLEN?

Finding answers to questions like this was the aim of an internship which took place last summer in Benin. After having visited and spoken to 13 old and recent partners of GLEN all over Benin, Magdalena (Poland), Joseph (Benin) and Judith (Germany) organized a meeting of all these supervisors in Cotounou, Benin. During this day the partners discussed the positive and negative effects of the collaboration with GLEN, searched for solutions and simply shared their experiences. In the end they decided to create a network. The first activity of this network was to make a proposition towards GLEN aiming to improve the collaboration and communication as well as the effects of the programme.

The report of this special internship is downloadable below – in French only!


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