GLEN seeks IT volunteer

Posted on July 7, 2014

GLEN is looking for a volunteer to help with the maintenance and development work of the GLEN website.

Ideally, we are looking for someone who knows WordPress and/or is familiar with HTML / CSS and PHP. The workload varies over time but averages about an hour a week. The tasks of the volunteer includes:

1. To update the WordPress and plug-in versions: there are always new versions of WordPress as well as the plug-ins that we use that are important to be monitored and kept up to date, mostly for security reasons – new updates are usually filling in gaps of the security system. This has to be a regular activity. Such updates has to be tested for compliance.

2. Smaller modifications: some changes to the website requires programming or at least knowing how to read the code to link new content to it.

3. Advisory: there are times when​ we are in need for ​advice to know roughly what it takes to make a change to the website or to get rid of a bug.

If you have the expertise and feel like supporting the GLEN community in such way or have any questions in this regard, please drop us an email at

Many thanks!

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