GLEN mobility project – sustainable travelling

Posted on December 8, 2014

Dear GLENies, Members and friends of GLEN,

Every year participants, tutors, facilitators, members and representatives of GLEN travel thousands of kilometres in order to promote global learning as well as global equalities in the world.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if sustainable mobility and travelling would be taken for granted?

We are a group of former GLEN participants from the MTC in 2013/14 who share the common vision to foster sustainable travelling to the seminars and the internships. In our eyes, GLEN could become an emission-free and CO²-neutral organization. As GLEN is currently undergoing an elaborately planned visionary process, we felt it is somehow the moment to get active and use the (GLEN)energy of the moment.

One of our main ideas is to find a good placement for the idea of sustainable travelling within the MTC. Therefore, we kindly ask for your help. We know that some of you have used the moment of the internship to dive into adventure and found the most creative and most unusual ways in order to reach their host country. Probably some of you have also used alternative transportation modes to get to the GLEN seminars. We believe that these stories should not be forgotten. Moreover, these stories could also motivate and challenge the future GLENies to be as creative as you have been. Therefore, we kindly want to ask you to write little reports of max. two pages and send them to us. It would be great if you could include facts like:

Of course, some photos would make the text more colourful. Please keep in mind ethical communication (Code of Conduct) ☺

Please send the texts to the following email address: or upload them in our GLENweb Group: “GLEN mobility” ( We would be really glad to receive your reports by the end of February (or as soon as you can make it), since at that moment we could use your experiences for the upcoming MTC cycle.

Did we arouse your interest? Or do you want to know more about our ideas? We have regular Skype-meetings and invite anyone to join! Feel free to write us!

With the best CO²- and emission-free regards,

the GLEN mobility group

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