GLEN internships for midwives

Posted on August 26, 2013

Your organisation takes action for maternal health?

Then you might be interested to partner up with us in order to strengthen these activities.


With the German organisation ASA-Program and the European network GLEN, you will be able to host two or three committed European volunteers with an education in midwifery and students of related fields for a period of three months. These volunteers will carry out a project tailored by you and adjusted to your specific needs. There is also the possibility for 1-2 people working at your organisation to volunteer in Germany for a three-month period.

The project will be completely owned by you and you can fully adapt it to the needs of your organisation. The only thing to consider is that for us it is important to have at least one midwife in each team of two or three.

Here are only a few examples of projects which could be realised:

Projects in Europe take place from April to June 2014. Projects in your country take place for three months between July and December 2014.


We are a group of ex-volunteers and members of the mentioned programs/networks dedicated to the international exchange of knowledge and skills in the area of maternal health and midwifery. Therefore we would like to get you on board and facilitate the process of project application for you. We are sure that participants of the projects will be able to contribute to as well as learn from the work that your organisation does.

WHAT does the ASA-Program do?

The ASA-Program is financed by the German Ministry of Development and Economic Cooperation. The volunteers are supported by a scholarship and will be reimbursed most of their travel expenditures. The program entails a number of seminars that allow a sustainable impact of the programme internationally. It aims at supporting young people to become global educators.


The Global Education Network of Young Europeans is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of ten organisations from old and new member states of the European Union. ASA-Program is one of these members. GLEN qualifies multipliers in Global Education. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of seminars/trainings with practice/experience and in the combination of North-South exchange with inner-European exchange.


The deadline for handing in a proposal is the 15th of September 2013. Please download the proposal and factsheets in 4 different languages here:

We will be happy to set up a project with you and offer further advice. Please get in contact with us.



Joanna Münker

Cultural Scientist and alumni of the GLEN network


Peter Wolf

Student Midwife, Consultant in International Health for German Development Cooperation and alumni of the GLEN network

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