GLEN has a new VISION!

Posted on April 4, 2014

After a six-month-process with all stakeholders of GLEN, including

a Visionary and Networking Seminar,
a wonderful task force drafting and finalising the vision,
an online discussion and very constructive comments from different actors,

the GLEN Network is glad to introduce its new Vision!

In its Visionary statement, GLEN presents its new vision, mission, long-term goals and values & principles. GLEN wants to follow the international trends in global education and based on its experiences as European network, to foster the development of global partnerships and to establish itself as an innovative education program in global learning.

How  to get there?
In order to follow its vision and mission, the GLEN network needs to discuss topics such as “how to build global partnerships”, “what are the aims GLEN wants to follow with global learning?”, “how to deal with privileges in a European and global context”, “how to adapt the cycle in order to improve the quality of our global education program, in partnership and dialogue with different stakeholders?”, and more! Among others, on the Visionary and Networking Seminar, the concept of a Global Partner Network was drafted, which needs to be further discussed and developed.

For that, GLEN plans to launch a “Shake it and Shape it” process, planning its strategy for the next 5 to 6 years. The starting point will be a seminar open to all in the autumn 2014, addressing all wished topics and launching working groups developing concrete plans and ideas on GLEN. You will all be informed soon about the dates and concrete next steps.

This is only the beginning of revolutionary changes! Let’s be all part of it!

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