GLEN at the NYCI in Dublin!

Posted on February 18, 2012

GLEN has been invited to speak at a seminar of the National Youth Council of Ireland in Dublin beginning of February. Called “Making the case for Development Education in Youth Work”, the seminar was focusing on good practices and policy developments of Global/Development Education in Ireland, Europe and beyond. GLEN was providing a collective European perspective during an input speech. GLEN was also represented on the following panel discussion with a focus on how to make engagement of young Europeans in Global Education sustainable. It has been great to see and experience how ‘things are being done in Ireland’ and to gather new inspiration and contacts! Many thanks to the NYCI and especially Elaine – who we are looking forward to work with in the upcoming cycle.

As an extra, the seminar has been ‘graphically harvested’ – the result of GLEN’s part is the following:

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