Work with us!

The GLEN Network could not have existed for over a decade without the engagement of its participants, teamers, members, host partners, and many other people devoted to Global Education as a means of striving for change.

GLEN builds on and encourages the involvement of young, active, skilled Global Education Multipliers in all its activities, be it seminars, working groups, co-ordination tasks, contributions to the webpage or the development of the GLEN strategy.

If you are interested in being or staying involved with GLEN, there are many opportunities for you to actively shape the network, while at the same time developing your own skills and gaining experiences within diverse teams and groups!

Calls for involvement are announced here as well as on GLENweb (internal access, only for former/current participants and teamers) in the GLENGroup “Jobs, conferences, opportunities”.

What can you do in GLEN?

Open calls can be found HERE

If you have any questions or you would like to offer your time and skills, please contact one of the Steering Committee members or the Network Officer. Thank you for your interest in GLEN!

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