Do young people care for global justice?

Posted on February 27, 2014

IDEA Ireland along with European Partners are undertaking a survey as part of a European youth project called ‘Challenging the Crisis’.

An important part of this project is gathering the opinions of young people here and across Europe on global development and social justice issues.

IDEA would be very grateful if you would fill in the

 - – - – - QUESTIONNAIRE – - – - -

in the link, which consists of four short sections.

Let your opinion be heard – as a young person – on global development and social justice issues. The more young people that share their opinions, the more young voices will be heard!

Please note, all responses are confidential and will be used to inform future actions of the ‘Challenging the Crisis’ project. The overall results from across Europe will be shared online in Spring 2014. Deadline to respond is 5th March.

IDEA would also really like you to keep in touch with the ‘Challenging the Crisis’ project!

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