Call for applications: Research for and registration of the GLEN Secretariat

Posted on May 30, 2017

Call for applications:
Research for and registration of the GLEN Secretariat

Deadline: June 10th, 2017


This is your opportunity to join GLEN, the Global Education Network for Young Europeans, which is taking a step to formalizing its structures and, after 13 years of being a non-formal network of 11 member organizations, wants to set up a so-called GLEN Secretariat (GS). In future, the GS should serve as a focal point of activities and resources of the GLEN Network. As a result of the internal strategy process of the GLEN Network, the GLEN Secretariat shall give a legal basis to GLEN and is based on the decision taken by GLEN Member Organisations.

Position to be filled:
Honorary position for
(1) conducting the base research of feasibility and
(2) implementing the registration of a “GLEN Secretariat” as a legal entity based in the Czech Republic.


“GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans) is a network of non-governmental and governmental organisations as well as committed young people who are involved in Global Education. It is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of ten organisations from countries in the European Union.
GLEN envisions a world in which people reflect on the realities of the globalised world and their own role in it, and join hands, minds and hearts to build fair and sustainable societies.
Therefore, GLEN creates spaces for people and organisations to learn and develop their potential as global actors and empowers them to contribute to fair and sustainable development of their community, their country and the world. Based on its European experience as an integrated network and eager to learn from others, GLEN wants to become a Global Partner Network, foster fair and fruitful partnerships and contribute to the joint development of global learning concepts and programmes.” (


Prague, Czech Republic
INEX-SDA will provide the required office space, if needed, in its facilities in Varšavská 30, Prague.


The required tasks should be implemented between July 1st, 2017 and October 31st, 2017.
The honorarium will be EUR 2500,-.


1 Research on the benefits and needs of a GLEN Secretariat, based on a broad discussion among the different focal points of the GLEN community (Member Organisations, Multipliers, etc.).

2 Research on the most suitable legal form for a GLEN Secretariat based in the Czech Republic. A special focus should be laid on the required organisational structure and a financial model, which shall be appropriate for the extraordinary nature of GLEN as a European (and in future, global) non-profit network of Global Education.

3 Research on and implementation of the official legal and administrative steps required for the registration of the GLEN Secretariat.

4 Related to the former point:
Facilitation of an exchange among (1) the stakeholders of the GLEN Secretariat (INEX-SDA as incubator, the legal person (lawyer) and (2) the GLEN community (Member and multiplier representatives) about the integration of GLEN Secretariat into the existing organisational structure and the respective legal requirements:

a) Legal roles/positions of individuals: Which roles are necessary within the GS, how should they function and how should they be connected to existing roles within GLEN? (e.g. What can be the role of the Member representatives, Multipliers (alumni) and Multiplier Representatives within the GS?)
b) Legal roles of organisations: What could be the role/position of GLEN Members, Partner Organizations and funding institutions with regards to the GS? Which legal connection could exist between the GLEN Secretariat and the member organisations? How can the co-operation be framed in legal terms?
c) Legal and operational connections among individuals and organisations: How can people and organisations relate to each other in/through the GLEN Secretariat?
d) Implementation of the GLEN Secretariat: registration, legal procedures

This position will report to INEX-SDA and also work closely with the Members and Multipliers Representatives and the GLEN Network Officer.


- Working level of English and Czech (written and spoken) is essential
- Solid understanding of large organizational structures: Ability to conduct research among stakeholders of the GLEN Network and to analyse the organizational dynamics
- Familiarity with Czech legal requirements: Experience with the registration of non-profit entities
- Strong experience in project co-ordination, preferably in an international context
- Experience of working in an international environment
- Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively both in a team and individually
- Strong strategic thinking skills, with the ability to operationalize concepts and transform ideas into action as well as apply research findings to ongoing program development
- Desired: Familiarity with global interactions and global issues
- Preferred: Knowledge of the GLEN Network

Why should you apply?

You get the chance to contribute to the development of a large network of organizations and individuals working for social change through Global Education and other fields.
You will benefit from GLEN’s over 10 years of experience as a Global Education actor in the European scene.


June 10th, 2017


All applications should be sent via e-mail to the GLEN Network Officer, Miša Krenčeyová:
No other form of application will be accepted.

Documents required when applying:

(1) a motivation letter covering why you are interested to the position, how you can contribute to its success and what your relevant experiences are;
(2) a work plan indicating in detail the steps you would take to fulfil the required tasks and a time-frame for each step;
(3) a CV.


1st Phase: Selection of short-listed candidates: 15th of June, 2017.
Please note that due to lack of capacity only short-listed candidates will be informed.
2nd Phase: Skype Interviews between the 20th and 22nd of June, 2017.



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