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Posted on April 10, 2013

It’s been two weeks since the RENew (review, engage, network!) Seminar came to an end, which formally indicated the closure of the 2012 multipliers training cycle. We met on a hilltop venue on the perimeter of Budapest and although the weather greeted us with snow and cold, the warmth of seeing each other again filled the seminar house. We looked back together on the whole cycle – having met almost exactly a year ago the first time! – and shared good and bad times, good and bad experiences. But the RENew is not at all about the past only, indeed, we also used the time to share recent activities and opportunities for engagement. One great example of that is the Market of Global Education Activities (GEA). You can find the extracts of them on the different posters below.

I want to know more about the role of the Global Education Practice in the cycle

I want to see videos about GEAs


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