Brand-NEW GLENweb!

Posted on May 29, 2012

GLEN is very happy (and a bit proud) to announce that WE HAVE A GLENweb AGAIN!

GLENweb is the internal communication platform for all current and former GLEN participants. All relevant information for participation can be found there, as well as tools and information about Global Education and a wide arrange of material that has been produced by GLEN over the last almost decade.

Furthermore, GLENweb serves as a social media platform to make GLENnies from all generations connect, get information about internships and GEAs and support the Global Education Multipliers of GLEN in planning further actions or meetings. Thematic working groups of topics relevant and interesting for GLEN also have their space in the GLENweb.

If you have an account already, you can just click on ‘GLENweb’ in the upper right header of this website and you’ll be redirected straight away. We are currently in the process of adding all former GLENnies to the GLENweb, so please be patience. If you have any questions or are maybe not sure whether your contact data is still in the GLEN database – feel free to contact the Network Officer Anne via!

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