What is GLEN?

GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans) is a network of non-governmental and governmental organisations as well as committed young people who are involved in global education. It is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of ten organisations from the European Union.

GLEN envisions a world in which people reflect on the realities of the globalised world and their own role in it, and join hands, minds and hearts to build fair and sustainable societies.

For that, GLEN creates spaces for people and organisations to learn and develop their potential as global actors and empowers them to contribute to fair and sustainable development of their community, country and the world. Based on its European experience as an integrated network and eager to learn from others, GLEN wants to become a “global partner network”*, foster fair and fruitful partnerships and contribute to the joint development of global learning concepts and programmes.

* The idea of the “global partner network” was born on the Visionary and Networking Seminar in 2013. Please find the details here.


GLEN’s core activity is an annual training and experience programme for young Europeans called Multipliers Training Cycle (MTC), consisting of three seminars, a three-month project-based internship in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caucasus or Southeast Europe as well as awareness raising and global education activities. Every year more than 100 young Europeans between 20 and 30 years old participate in this training cycle.

In order to build up capacities and create connections between individuals and organisations working in global education, GLEN is additionally engaged in projects, campaigns, and other activities at national and European level (further information under “Other GLEN activities” in the menu bar).

Long term goals

The following long terms goals were designed during the GLEN vision process in 2013/2014 to enable the Network to fulfil its vision and mission:


The co-operation among the Member Organisations is based on the Membership Agreement. The main decision making body is the Members and Multipliers Assembly, where representatives of members organisations and multipliers representatives meet twice a year to discuss strategic and operational questions. The day-to-day operations of GLEN are managed by the Steering Committee with the support of the Network Officer.

Beyond the organisational structure, the Network is made up of individuals, participants and former participants, engaged in global education. All trainings and seminars are carried out by contracted teams of lead facilitators, tutors and coordinators who usually have been involved in GLEN for a number of years, so they play an important part in the knowledge transfer and development of GLEN as a network and program.

GLEN cooperates with an extensive network of Host Partners (non-governmental and governmental organisations) globally that apply with specific projects to GLEN to host participants for three months as part of the training cycle. GLEN aims at establishing long term cooperation with these organisations to have as many re-occurring internships as possible.

Furthermore, former participants and representatives of the civil society sector contribute actively to the Network. Association GéCo is an initiative of former participants in France, supporting individuals in their involvement in the program and related to global education. At European level, the Forum of Global Education Multipliers was established in November 2010 also by former participants to provide a platform for engagement in global education activities. GLEN is also in regular contact with European networks and individual organisations, especially members of the DARE (Development Awareness Raising and Education) Forum of CONCORD.

Values and principles


Global complexity needs to be approached in the way that respects, recognizes and affirms the variety and uniqueness of individuals, communities, organisations and cultures as well as biodiversity. GLEN is a network where the diversity of motivation, ideas, needs and potentials are not only accepted, but celebrated. Therefore GLEN strives to create balanced mutual relations within the whole network.


Human conditions and human development are – at their most fundamental level – dependent on equal rights for individuals and awareness of privileges. GLEN strives to promote equality between individuals and within its partnerships. To foster equality, discrimination has to be fought against on all levels. It is also meant to bring transparency into the network of GLEN and to raise awareness of privileges and power structures within the organization itself.


Interpersonal relations are at the basis of every human reality, and empathy is a way to embrace them.  We believe in the importance of understanding each other’s perspectives and needs by careful and conscious listening, and of transcending egocentrism to foster respect and connectivity.


We appreciate mistakes as a source of learning and development. At the same time we bear the responsibility for our activities and we want them to be transparent. We ensure the continuity of our actions and we are conscious of how we act.


Learning is a lifelong process. For GLEN it defines the way we interact within the network where everyone can share and learn about her/himself, with and about others, and embrace his/her own potential. GLEN focuses on the concept of global learning (and similar concepts such as ‘popular education’, ‘education for development’ and ‘transformative education’) which stands for self-reflection, awareness and understanding. Learning through head, heart and hands empowers people to become  global citizens.


Justice is reflected as a joint effort to address social inequality and the promotion of human rights. GLEN strives for fair and conscious division of responsibilities and tasks. GLEN wants to cooperate with its partners on a long-term basis to build a sustainable network.


Many of GLEN activities create joy and we reaffirm the importance of this value as a main source of motivation, enthusiasm, satisfaction and a positive state of mind. Joy is spread throughout many of GLEN’s activities. Meeting people and sharing in a positive atmosphere, creates the vital energy and an essential condition for learning for the network and all of its actors.

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