Strategy process

Welcome to the GLEN STRATEGY 2016-2020!


Here are the documents as a result of the strategy process 2014/2015:

the Strategy document 2016-2020 (EN)  / Document de strategie 2016-2020 (FR)

and the Roadmap 2016-2020

GLEN is committed to act upon its vision and to implement the strategy with its best efforts. Join us in our commitment and help us to reach our goals for a better world through global learning.

What was it about?

GLEN developed its new vision and mission, formulated its core values and principles and determined its long-term goals during the vision process in 2013/2014. As a follow-up, the strategy process was created to develop a comprehensive plan how to be better aligned to our vision, values and principles as a Network and how to reach our goals.

It was an open, transparent and participatory process with a lot of different offline and online activities: two seminars, workings groups, a strategy task force group, online discussions, feedback opportunities) with a time span of one year between October 2014 and October 2015. The strategy process created space and time for all stakeholders to draw a roadmap for 2016 – 2020 together. The discussions enabled often controversial but always constructive exchanges on the concrete path GLEN is taking to the future, as it also fostered the understanding of the different demands, ideas and needs to find solutions in a co-creative atmosphere.

Among others, GLEN seeked answers to the following questions during the strategy process:

and helps us to:

Who was involved?a

The following GLEN actors and stakeholder took part in the process: present GLEN participants and alumni, global education multipliers and the attached organized structures (Forum of Global Education Multipliers, Association GéCo), current and former team members, member organisations, two host partner representatives (Benin and Uganda), European partners and global education platform representatives.

Main steps of the processa

The strategy process is coordinated by Dominique Pannke. She works as freelance consultant, mediator and facilitator. If you have any questions on the process, please don’t hesitate to contact her directly:

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