Multiplier representatives

GLEN is based on a strong network of multipliers, who are shaping the network and make it vivid. Therefore, they are also part of the structure and of decision making within GLEN. For this reason, every year on the Annual Event some multipliers take over the role as „Multipliers Representatives“ (MR). 

Multiplier Representatives – What does that mean?

We as MRs would like to be a link and facilitate communication between the multiplier community (i.e. current and former GLEN-participants and seminar-teams), the Network officer and the GLEN staff members. We will be there to bring the ideas, wishes and complaints of the multipliers into the network, its “official” meetings and structures and bring back information to the multipliers about what is happening in GLEN and what is discussed and decided among the members. And of course, we would like to live the GLEN-spirit and spread love and energy (-:

The MRs are included in all the official communication between the Members, the Steering Committee, the Network Officer and the future GLEN Secretariat. They are part of the selection process of Lead Facilitators and Tutors as well as of the future staff of the GLEN Secretariat. Three of them are present on the Members and Multipliers Assembly. So, you can see the flag of the MRs in nearly every part of GLEN.

Click HERE for a visualisation of the MRs role over the course of a year in GLEN.

As MRs, our most important goals are:

You can always reach us through the central e-mail address:

Current Multipliers Representatives: 

Lydi — Anja — Judith — Peggy — Bua — Katha — Martin (no picture)

Multipliers Representatives 2016: 

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