Nina Jozefina Bak

Age: 27

Country of origin: Poland

Glen Participant in 2007

Internship: „Football for development“ in Zambia

Current occupation: Working in a Microfinance Centre in Warsaw as communication coordinator

When I applied to be a GLEN participant I was driven by a very basic question: Why do we have so many inequalities in the world? Of course the internship itself couldn’t provide me with answers, but together with the seminars organized by GLEN it gave me a big impulse to discover more on an academic and personal level. First I became emotionally attached, later it became clear that I want to stay involved in the area of development cooperation or education. Now I work in an association of microfinance institutions, trying to promote financial independence of small entrepreneurs in Central Asia and Europe. This job is strongly related to the experiences I made with GLEN.

In GLEN I found inspiring people. 3 years after I was participant I came back to GLEN in 2010 to be a tutor. And at the ReNew in 2011 with some other GLENnies we agreed that our GLEN experience should not be over yet. We came up with the idea of taking the seminars one step further: let’s go sailing together! By now this late-night-idea has developed into a very concrete project. In the summer of 2012 we will be „Sailing for Sustainability” for four weeks. We will stop in different Baltic Sea harbors, thus connecting the GLEN members of Poland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We are using the boat as a tool to address issues of sustainability related to the sea: pollution, biodiversity, over-fishing and the question of freedom of movement. For me, the GLEN annual event was an opportunity to work further on our idea and to make sure that it will really happen.

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