Antonella Agius

Age: 25

Country of origin: Malta

Glen Participant in 2008

Internship: Community Work in early childhood education in South Africa

Current occupation: Training Coordinator at the ETC (Malta’s Public Employment Services)

Before entering GLEN I hadn’t really travelled much. So already the opportunity of going to seminars in other European countries was a big step for me. It was fantastic to meet so many young people from so many different countries. But it wasn’t just getting to know new people. Much more importantly it was getting to know people who share the same values and ideas. At the GLEN seminars I had the feeling of being at home, of being free to express my opinions and thoughts. Back home I sometimes found it difficult to discuss with people about social issues like education or migration. But here I really saw diversity and tolerance put into practice. I met people who question first before they judge. Currently I am also the coordinator of GLEN in Malta. We are not many participants, only one or two per year. But since we aren’t so many, it also created a kind of community for us back home.

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