Adam Burgermeister

Age: 29

Country of origin: Hungary

Glen Participant in 2010

Internship: Environmental Protection at Angkor in Cambodia

Current occupation: Looking for a job as a youth worker

Before I applied for the GLEN internship I had been working in public administration for four years. But I stopped seeing how my work was actually benefitting the community. It was clear that I needed a change. While I was a student at university I had been active in an NGO that was working on minority issues. I missed the spirit and idealism I had been living at that time and I wanted to shift my focus more towards global topics. For me GLEN promised this possibility of personal change. And it was also a great opportunity to travel out of Europe for the first time in my life.

It was my goal to broaden my perspective. And I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do this just by reading the international politics section in the newspaper. Sometimes you just need a real experience. Going to Cambodia taught me a lot about how life in a developing country looks like. But GLEN for me turned out to be more than just the experience of cultural differences. I feel like I became part of a community. I met people who motivate me to deal with topics that are close to me. Maybe active citizenship is the best word to describe the spirit that I like here. To be responsible in a broader way. To be responsible for your consumption patterns. It’s not enough to just criticize all the time, I am trying to really act upon my values. I like it that people here really actively want to change something.

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